Preschool provides 15 hours of universal access for children 4 years of age. Aboriginal children and children under the guardianship of the Minister are able to attend sessional preschool from 3 years of age. Preschool programs are play-based educational programs designed and delivered by qualified teachers using the national curriculum framework.

Children can commence preschool when they turn 4 years old before the 1st of May at the beginning of the year.

Year of Preschool Birth Date Year
2021 2016, 2017
2022 2017, 2018
2023 2018, 2019

Pick up & drop off

Our sessions start from 8am until 3pm. Please ensure you child arrives by 9am for the first group gathering and picked up at the latest 3 pm as staff are involved in meetings, planning, documentation and setting up learning environments for your child.

Fees are inclusive of:

Fees: $440 per year (fees, 4 excursions/incursions)
$60 for wet play gear (recommended for all children, purchase at transition visits or before commencing kindergarten)


At our centre we have 2 groups:

Both groups receive one Friday per term

Blue Group

Preschool Sessions:

Monday & Tuesday
8am to 3pm

Green Group

Preschool Sessions:

Wednesday & Thursday
8am to 3pm

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